Snes mini, thoughts

Since Nintendo released the NES/Famicom Mini we’ve all suspected that a SNES Mini will follow, but what none of us would have suspected is that over 20 years later Nintendo would actually release StarFox 2 (or for us in PAL regions named something shit like “Super Lylat Chums”), now before I get into the other games, let’s get into why this is so important.

StarFox 2 was a ready to ship game, Nintendo however, not wanting to release such a high profile game on old SNES hardware when the release of the N64 was imminent, instead decided to shelf it and they would later release StarFox 64 (Lylat Wars) as a direct sequel to StarFox instead. This is all standard “day in the life of a Game Developer” so far, games are cancelled all the time at different points in the project, some even reaching shipping stage, but this is where their story usually ends with the exception of where their ROMs have been released online by various means (leaks, prototype carts, dev console mining etc). StarFox 2 is relatively well known and readily available ROM online, however these versions are known not to be the final version of the game, only pre-production alphas/betas have been available to us so far, missing some “significant features” from the final release, also any English language versions have been fan converted as only Japanese ROMS have been available.

Nintendo releasing StarFox 2 could be very significant as Nintendo probably have a raft of completed yet unreleased games in their inventory spanning many of their consoles, if the community react well to StarFox 2 who knows what missing gems could be released in future and it’s success could encourage other studios to dig deep into that big pile of floppies in the sky, this could be a very good time for retro gaming.
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Super Hexagon “Speedrun”

I’ve been meaning to do this speedrun for years, so now I’ve finally got round to it now my PC isn’t shit.

I use the term “Speedrun” quite loosely here as to fully complete the game you are required to finish each of the 6 levels in at least 60 seconds (so 6 minutes minimum total) however you still need to transition between the levels. Anyway! I present you my Super Hexagon full completion speedrun of 6:04.54:

You may notice the game clock and my speedrun clock become out of sync, I was worried that this was an issue with LiveSplit, but checking against the video the time stays in sync so it’s actually the game time thats fucked, who knew!

What’s that I hear you ask? Can it be done quicker? Yes.
How much quicker? Ermmmmm, maybe two seconds, my in-game timer at the end of each level is around 60.20ish (which as we have learnt is not the same as real time), getting all 6 levels closer to 60 could save a total of near a second, then transitioning from Hexagonest out of the credits and back into Hyper Hexagonest maybe another 0.5 of a second. Maybe YOU should give it a try?

P.S I’ve have checked youtube and one streamer claims to have completed this in 5:55.25, but unfortunately this doesn’t count as they didn’t reset their scores first, I’d consider that a “game+” speedrun. If anyone knows of a legitimate, from clean save 100% speedrun then please share!

Jason?! – Heavy Rain, part 1

Yes another “Part One” to add to the rest of the collection, but I do intend to complete this one (honest). So this is the Press X to ‘Jason’ Simulator, Heavy Rain.

Normally I hate QTEs (Quick Time Events), but rather than being bolted on like in may games *cough Tomb Raider* this game is built entirely upon them and it’s done rather well and intuitively, even more so when using the Move controller when you can get it to work properly. Having to open doors by holding the Move out and pulling the door open or swinging your arm to block a punch really draws you into the story and even when you fuck it up, and you will, you get to live with the consequences and change what is sometimes significant story points.

So enjoy watching me flailing my arms about like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.

Seriously, stop giving this guy kids to lose, jeez.

Chinballs Rating: 1000 Jasons.

Dying Island Light Dead

From the guys who made Dead Island comes Dying Light, and if you ever played DI you’d know the plot was pretty crap and not much has changed. But who gives a shit, smushing gouls in the face is fucking awesome.

Gameplay wise it does indeed feel Dead Islandy combat wise which is mainly focused on melee, zombies however feel more of a fret and evasion is preferable over killing everything in sight and the team have focused on this with the added ability of parkour and climbing, to compare it doesn’t feel as fluid as mirrors edge or assassins creed, but I kind of like that, it feels a little more genuine in it’s annoyingness.

I’ve only sank 2 hours into this game so far and I’ve yet to join fellow zombies smushes online but it does feel like a game I’m going to love just like DI, maybe it’s my short attention span and the fact I don’t give a shit about the plot that go so well together, but sometimes in gaming you don’t want to have to think, fucking dead fuckers in the face is sometimes all you need, oh and also a Deathstalker Zed’s Demise, a fuck tonne of batteries, and hopefully later some facking OJ.

chinballs rating: 400 cartons of OJ.

RESOFUN! – RESOGUN Survival Dual Stream 2 Billion

A personal best run of mine and Rybonator3000 on RESOGUN Online Survival Mode putting us 75th with a score of just over 2 billion, hopefully we can work our way into the top 50 as some point (which is actually top 25). So watch this side by side video now! Be impressed because it was a fucking arse to get spliced together. BONUS! You also get to see my god damn sexy face in the stream, you lucky fucks you xxx

Previously: , I said some not so great words about RESOGUN, this all changed however with DLC, I fucking hate DLC in mast cases, but for me this has been the saviour of RESOGUN, the survival mode is what I love in classic arcade games, endless gameplay only limited by your skill (and maybe a Killscreen) and obviously leaderboards.
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Micro Machines ’96 Custom Track Battle

One late late night me and Slaternator3000 were battling it out on Micro Machines ’96, only to discover 9 custom track I had made almost 20 years ago. so we play them obviously! We may have been a little drunk (originally streamed live over at ).

If you too would like to play one let me know and I’ll send you the code (they are bloody long if you’ve never tried).

Christmas 1997 – My First Playstation!

Merry Christmas motherfuckers and as a young motherfucker back in the Christmas of 1997 (or was it 1996?), I and many of us received our first Playstations for crimbo, assumably the price had dropped enough for the masses to get one, but for many not by enough for a game to accompany it so I give you this, a brief look at Demo 1 that came with the system:

The Terminator, fucking stairs

About a month ago, my old friend and Chinballs comrade Rybonator3000 came to visit, there was alcohol, more alcohol, take away and finally alcohol, then in this drunk’ed mindset I suggest we play The Terminator for the Sega Mega Drive, this sounded like a mad decision to us both because as youths this was a game we struggled to get past even the first level, but to our amazement we nailed it first time, so what the hell happened? My only conclusion is thus, 8 year old us’es were wankgash at video games at that time, little punks, but maybe thats the point, maybe games like this is what made us the gamers we are today.

So here’s what we as youths failed at so many times, and it starts with me failing SO many times FML:

I finally nail it here, on the Very Hard setting of the PAL version of the game in spot on 12 minutes:

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Chinballs TV is here!

Following on from the death of DRULYB, Chinballs TV is here to provide you with gameplays and reviews from the Chinballs clan, hopefully we’ll have more content providers soon, so get involved, get online, and remember our motto “My Balls. Your Chin”.


Half Minute Hero

With the launch of Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming on Steam just a day away from now, I thought I’d best get my arse in gear and play the first; Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy, or just ‘ayf minute ‘ero for short.

Plot: Some git has been looking through the Evil Yellow Pages knocking on the door of any deranged half-wit giving them a spell that will destroy the world in just 30 seconds, you, the hero need to stop them (thinking about it, why didn’t the traveling death salesman just cast it himself?).
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